Worldcon day 5

Last day in Denver, and let’s be honest there’s not a lot going on here other than your general outdoor activities. Still had a few panels to attend in the morning, including the one panel for the entire convention devoted to Doctor Who. Not that I’m who-centric or anything, but with two nominations in best dramatic presentation, you’d think there’d be a little more representation. But that’s ok, ostensibly the topic was who is the best Doctor, but naturally the conversation ranged around a number of who-related topics. Paul Cornell was in attendance, too, the only actual Brit on the panel, to add some credibility. The last real panel was with Nancy Kress, James Morrow and Harry Turtledove talking about what people a thousand years from now will remember about the twentieth century. This conversation also went all over the place, but since they’re all very opinionated it was a good discussion. I was hoping to get Ben Bova’s autograph after that, but he was a no-show at his scheduled signing, never did see any evidence of having rescheduled to an early time, but oh well, hopefully he’ll live a while longer. Now I have two more paperbacks of his that I otherwise wouldn’t have needed to buy here. I decided to forgo the last reading group session, this one on Methuselah’s Children, as it didn’t seem a suitable conclusion to the convention and that Hertz guy was getting on my nerves. Instead I stuck my head in a couple of other panels, including one about Heinlein’s hugo-winning years, and then that was that, another Worldcon wrapped up.

So it was a long trip, more like two trips back to back, with a clear dividing line during that long drive through southern Wyoming on Tuesday. Next year’s Worldcon is in Montreal, much easier to manage, and 2010 is in Australia, so we can skip that one entirely. Lots to get through after this trip, lots of ideas, hope they stick long enough that something comes of it.

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