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  • Lois Tilton’s 2015 short fiction reviews from Locus Magazine

    Analog January/February 2015 • Review by Lois Tilton March 2015 • Review by Lois Tilton April 2015 • Review by Lois Tilton May 2015 • Review by Lois Tilton June 2015 • Review by Lois Tilton July/August 2015 • Review by Lois Tilton September 2015 • Review by Lois Tilton October 2015 • Review by […]

  • The William Hartnell Screening Room, Part 2

    An occasional series reviewing the screen appearances of William Hartnell, best known as the First Doctor in the long-running BBC series Doctor Who. The Mouse That Roared (1959) This may be the most famous movie in which William Hartnell ever appeared.  Considered to be Peter Sellars’ breakout movie, where he plays three different roles (including […]

  • The William Hartnell screening room, part 1

    An occasional series reviewing the screen appearances of William Hartnell, best known as the First Doctor in the long-running BBC series Doctor Who. Ghost Squad episode “High Wire” (1961) Ghost Squad contains no ghosts, and the episode (either number 4 or 5 of the first season, depending on the source) features no high wire, but […]

  • Nebula nominees 2014 – novelettes

    This year’s Nebula nominees include the Machado and Miller stories that weren’t in the Locus list.  Both got a decent number of Hugo nominations but not enough that they would have made the ballot. “Sleep Walking Now and Then,” Richard Bowes ( 7/9/14) “The Magician and Laplace’s Demon,” Tom Crosshill (Clarkesworld 12/14) “A Guide to […]

  • Anthologized novelettes 2014

    Of the 3 major year’s best anthologies, 3 stories made it into two of them: “The Hand Is Quicker”, Elizabeth Bear (The Book of Silverberg) – Horton and Dozois “Shadow Flock”, Greg Egan (Coming Soon Enough) – Strahan and Dozois “Collateral”, Peter Watts (Upgraded) – Horton and Strahan 20 stories from the Locus list were included […]

  • 2014 E Pluribus Hugo nominees – Novelette

    The novelettes most likely to have been nominated for the 2014 Hugos in a non-puppy year (based on final nominating statistics) are all available online.  The Crosshill, Emrys and Wilson were on the Locus recommended list, and beat out better known authors who mostly were published in print magazines or anthologies.  The Crosshill story is in […]

  • 2014 SF novel reading list – update

    Read: Work Done for Hire – Joe Haldeman Ancillary Sword – Ann Leckie The Three Body Problem – Cixin Liu Lockstep – Karl Schroeder Reading: The Memory of Sky – Robert Reed Will try to read by year end: Shipstar – Greg Benford & Larry Niven Read the first in the series, Bowl of Heaven The […]

  • World of Ptavvs, by Larry Niven

    My summer reading goal this year is to get through all 11 of the Larry Niven books published by Ballantine in the mid 70’s.  This includes the Hugo-winning Ringworld, plus a few short story collections.  Everything in these books takes place in his “Known Space” series, a loosely connected set of stories written over a period […]

  • “Memorials”, by Aliette de Bodard

    Asimovs SF, January 2014 It’s a shame this story has such a non-descript title, because there is quite a bit going on in here, it probably would have helped if I had read more of her previous stories as I gather many of them take place in the same universe.  As it is we get […]

  • Destination: Void, by Frank Herbert

    There’s a big jump from the submarine potboiler of 21st Century Sub to this book roughly ten years later.  Herbert is firmly entrenched in hard SF, with a generation ship full of hibernating clones setting off from Earth to populate a planet of Tau Ceti.  But the plot isn’t the most significant thing that’s been […]