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  • novelette nominees part 1

    “The Calorie Man”by Paolo Bacigalupi (Fantasy & Science Fiction October/November 2005) This long novelette is bursting with ideas that can barely all fit into the required space, with a little more filling out this could be novel easily. The calorie man of the title is Lalji, something of a mercenary in a future where all […]

  • short story nominees part 2

    “The Clockwork Atom Bomb” by Dominic Green (Interzone May/June 2005) The lone UK entry in this category is a curious choice, although certainly a decent enough story. Green drops us into a complicated scenario in central Africa where the main character Mativi is the future equivalent of a UN weapons inspector, come to investigate some […]

  • short story nominees part 1

    “Seventy-Five Years” by Michael A. Burstein (Analog January/February 2005) Burstein gets two nominations this year, including this lightweight entry that I think must be tangentially related to Analog’s anniversary, since it appears in the 75th anniversary issue and has the word “seventy-five” in the title. Schmidt’s editorial in the same issue refers briefly to the […]