“Ponies”, by Kij Johnson (tor.com)

http://www.tor.com/stories/2010/11/ponies This very short story involves a group of girls who own girl-sized, pastel-colored, winged unicorn ponies, primarily as a token to a rite of passage into the “in” crowd.  Johnson tells the story in parable form, none of the girls are named except for the protagonist, and there’s a certain dreamy/nightmare approach to the prose.  […]

“Shambling Towards Hiroshima” by James Morrow

(published by Tachyon) Locus 2009 recommended list Published as a short novel, Morrow’s latest work follows on from his more accessible style in which he engages the reader with some wry, quirky characterizations plunked down into a unique situation that is very real to them but somewhat allegorical or satirical to the rest of us.  […]

“Wife-Stealing Time”, by R. Garcia y Robertson

(Asimovs, October-November 2009) Locus 2009 recommended list   Horton Year’s Best A mildly provocative title reveals a more pedestrian story from the planet Barsoom, and I’m not enough of an ERB fan to know whether it’s supposed to be that Barsoom.  It doesn’t really matter, as the races and names introduced here borrow from American Indians, […]

“Where the Winds Are All Asleep” by Michael F. Flynn

(Analog, October 2009) Locus 2009 recommended list Flynn is an engaging writer who always comes up with original concepts for stories, with real characters and unique settings, and it seems each new story is completely different from all the others, no small accomplishment.  This novella has a lot going for it and is well worth […]