Anthologized novelettes 2014

Of the 3 major year’s best anthologies, 3 stories made it into two of them: “The Hand Is Quicker”, Elizabeth Bear (The Book of Silverberg) – Horton and Dozois “Shadow Flock”, Greg Egan (Coming Soon Enough) – Strahan and Dozois “Collateral”, Peter Watts (Upgraded) – Horton and Strahan 20 stories from the Locus list were included […]

2014 E Pluribus Hugo nominees – Novelette

The novelettes most likely to have been nominated for the 2014 Hugos in a non-puppy year (based on final nominating statistics) are all available online.  The Crosshill, Emrys and Wilson were on the Locus recommended list, and beat out better known authors who mostly were published in print magazines or anthologies.  The Crosshill story is in […]

Half the Day is Night, by Maureen McHugh

My memory of  McHugh’s successful first novel, China Mountain Zhang, is now 20 years in the past, but what I do remember of it includes her resolve to tell a human story amidst an original and interesting mélange of future extrapolation involving foreign countries, future entertainment, and a certain amount of “alienness” right here on […]