We Have Fed Our Sea by Poul Anderson

Part of the ongoing criticism against the Campbell era in Astounding centers on his insistence on a positive view of space exploration and of man’s undoubted primacy over aliens. But that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t publish depressing stories, maybe “The Cold Equations” being one of the best known examples. Anderson’s novel is equally bleak, an […]

Worldcon day 5

Last day in Denver, and let’s be honest there’s not a lot going on here other than your general outdoor activities. Still had a few panels to attend in the morning, including the one panel for the entire convention devoted to Doctor Who. Not that I’m who-centric or anything, but with two nominations in best […]

Algis Budrys

I try to avoid having too many posts end up as eulogies, and Algis Budrys died several weeks ago now, but I’ll make an exception for him because he was one of the first sf writers who ever really grabbed me. I have specific memories of reading Rogue Moon in high school, and being fairly […]